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The District Docklands

Harbour Town and Waterfront City were the former names for the retail, entertainment and leisure component of Melbourne’s Docklands development. Docklands was one of the largest property developments ever undertaken in Australia; it began in the late 1990s and the retail component opened in 2005. Docklands has now come into its own. ‘The District’ is the new name for the retail component but it’s far more than just a name change – it’s a whole new identity.

The publisher

The Publisher
0 From The Publisher

The fact that retail sales across Australia were ‘flat’ is a statistic. As a statistic, it’s undoubtedly true, but the reality is that retail sales were anything but flat…

The Guns

The Guns
0 Mini Guns 2017

2017 Mini Guns annual feature It’s Mini Guns time again and what an interesting field. It’s in the Mini Gun sector that more change occurs in ownership, development and management than in the other sectors (Little and Big Guns). Ten years ago, one company –…


Industry Trends

Food Focus

Food Focus
0 Food and hospitality

There’s a lot about food and hospitality in this issue; it’s forefront in our minds. Francis Loughran in this second of a two-part article looks at the global scene…


0 The 5 year minimum term

The minimum 5-year term was one of the pillars of the New South Wales Retail Leases Act when it was enacted in 1994.
It has now been repealed.

New South Wales is now aligned with Queensland in the belief that the term of a retail shop lease does not need regulation.


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0 Retail digital data

Shopping centres across the country can now build a detailed view of their customers’ shopping behaviour through shopper data captured in real time, overlaid with data analytics. This will help shopping centres improve centre loyalty, create better shopper and community engagement, and optimise sales for centres overall…

Centre OPenings

Industry Events

Industry Events

Luxury giants Bally and Harrolds opened their only Australian outlet stores at Birkenhead Point in August, alongside designers Coach and…

Industry Review

Industry shuffles

Industry Shuffles
0 Shuffles

Find out who has moved, who has been appointed, promoted and to where and what position in the shopping centre industry!