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Many issues of SCN have a shelf life of a year. The Big Guns, for example, are kept as references until the next one comes out! The JLL retail investment market review gives this issue the same shelf life – it’s kept until it’s updated. Fascinating reading, not just for the statistics but as an indication as to where the money is going and what the big players are targeting…

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As the traditional anecdote goes, “from little things, big things grow”. Now, in part due to digital disruption, it would seem the opposite is true…

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Over 150 retail industry leaders attended the third Talking Shop Retailer Engagement Series workshop titled, ‘Australian Fashion Innovators’.

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SCN publishes ‘CEO Outlook’ without any editorial influence whatsoever, CEOs are simply given a certain size window, CEOs are requested to write about what they see as important, the following contribution are published exactly as they are received.

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