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SCA Property Group,
developing and managing Mini Guns
like Big Guns.

One of the youngest entries to the shopping centre development and management arena is SCA Property Group, spun out of Woolworths less than three years ago. If you’d invested in them then, you’d have made 70% on your money. How did they do it?

Mini Guns 2015

The Guns
0 Mini Guns 2015

How things change over such a short period! This issue marks the 10th anniversary of our Mini Guns feature. We began in 2005 and some 64 centres were featured; in this issue there are 133. Back in 2005 Centro and Stockland dominated with ownership/management of…



Food Focus


0 Emotionally connecting your customers

For those of us who have spent our careers in the marketing industry, it’s amazing to see the way the industry has changed, particularly over the last five to ten years. One of the most notable changes has been the huge shift in the way brands communicate with customers.


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From The Publisher

The Publisher
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I’ve just returned from China where  I spoke at two conventions: the ICSC in Beijing and the annual major Mall China Conference, this year held in Shenzhen. There is a definite mood swing occurring in the PRC shopping centre industry at the present time, and…

Industry Review

Industry Review
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Harbour Town’s first step in shopping centre transformation A multi-million dollar transparent roof canopy providing shelter from the elements is the first in a series of upgrades set to begin at Harbour Town Melbourne, and will establish the centre as one of Melbourne’s leading shopping…

Industry Shuffles

Industry Shuffles
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Jessica Senior has taken  on the expanded role of National Marketing Campaigns and Digital Manager. Jessica’s previous role was National Marketing Campaigns Manager. Tina Jin has been appointed to the role  of National Marketing Coordinator. Tina was previously the Global Channel Marketing Associate with…