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Mirvac Retail – the brand

Mirvac Retail has just gone through an interesting stage. In line with the other Mirvac divisions it has come up with a brand. In doing so  it has had to define itself, analyse what it is that distinguishes it from its peers and determine its core values, vision and aspirations. 

Centre Profile

Centre Profiles
0 Gateway Plaza

Vicinity Centres’ Gateway Plaza is about to position itself as the dominant sub-regional on the Bellarine Peninsula, an hour or so out of Melbourne. Although it’s not a greenfield development, in reality it fits the bill of one…

Property Sales Report

Feature Stories
0 Retail investment market review 2016

Many issues of SCN have a shelf life of a year. The Big Guns, for example, are kept as references until the next one comes out! The JLL retail investment market review gives this issue the same shelf life – it’s kept until it’s updated. Fascinating reading, not just for the statistics but as an indication as to where the money is going and what the big players are targeting…

The publisher

Shopping Centre News
0 From the publisher

Two columns in this edition have prompted these following thoughts. The first is by Angus Nardi of the SCCA in which he talks about some interests trying to change planning and zoning laws in relation to shopping centres. The second is by Tony Dimasi, who…

Industry Comments


Design 20_Design_Pini_Home2

In the USA, the number of farmers’ markets has increased by 68% over the last 15 years. Susanne Pini takes us on a tour of the USA’s best food markets…

Food Focus


Industry Events


0 Turnover rent what does the future hold?

Does the turnover of a store include online purchases? It could be argued that ‘online’ purchases have nothing to do with the bricks-and-mortar store. But what if the customer picks up the goods from the store? Or what if the customer goes into the store, checks out the goods and then buys online?…


Industry shuffles

Industry Shuffles Home Shuffles

Find out who has moved, who has been appointed, promoted and to where and what position in the shopping centre industry!